Sunday June 12, 2022.

So Far This Week

Throughout the week, we have been discussing ‘developing holistically’. We have tackled a number of areas where we need to develop in order for our growth to be holistic. Jesus Christ increased in wisdom and in stature and had favour with both God and men. In other words, Jesus grew holistically.

Our growth and development must be holistic. We must exhibit growth cognitively, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Cognitive development considers how one thinks, explores and is able to figure out things. It is the development of knowledge, problem solving skills and the general understanding of how the surrounding environment or world works.

Cognitive development requires education and curiosity. Physical development refers to advancement in motor skills or one’s ability to use and control their bodies. To develop physically, we need to pay attention to diet, exercises, safety and rest. Emotional Development involves learning what feelings and emotions are, understanding how and why they occur, recognising one’s feelings and those of others and developing effective ways to manage them. Some things to look out for in order to build emotional stability are having a healthy environment, learning to pause, knowing your limits and setting realistic goals amongst others.

Social development refers to the process of learning how to interact with others. It involves the acquisition of skills to communicate with others and process their actions.

To promote social development, there is the need to build social bonds with people and learn how to interact with others. This involves communicating and listening to others communicate as well. We also need to participate in family and social gatherings. Through these engagements, we get to know and understand people. Social values are also good to consider if we want to enhance our social development. Some social values we need to consider are accountability, dignity, honesty, fairness, collective responsibility and the likes.

Spiritual development requires intimacy and obedience. The mark of spiritual development is seen in the transformation of character. Holistic development is key if we desire to make a meaningful impact and possess nations for Christ.

Prayer Guide: May we not lack in any area of development. Just like Christ, may we grow in wisdom and stature, receiving favour from God and men.

Memory Verse For This Week:

Luke 2:52 (ESV) – “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and man.”