Tuesday June 7, 2022.

Cognitive Development

Scripture References: Acts 7:22; Daniel 1:18-20.


Cognitive development considers how one thinks, explores and is able to figure out things. It is the development of knowledge, problem solving skills and the general understanding of how the surrounding environment or world works. Brain development and the growth of one’s intellectual capacity is also very important in cognitive development.

In Moses’ development in the house of Pharaoh, he underwent training regarding the customs and traditions of that civilization. You can safely regard Moses as an intellectual of his age, deeply rooted in the science of the Egyptian civilization. In Acts 7:22, the writer described Moses as a man who was well instructed in the wisdom of the Egyptians and was also mighty in word and in deed.

Daniel and the three Hebrew young men also showed great skill in wisdom and knowledge. They aced Nebuchadnezzar’s assessment much to his pleasure. These young men showed great intellectual capacity regarding the world they grew up in.

It is clear from these two scriptures that cognitive development comes from training and re-training. Because the world continues to evolve, young people must endeavour to be up to speed with what is happening. Failure to know the times would make us ineffective in our quest to possess the nations. To develop one’s intellectual and cognitive capacity, formal education is key. Though academic capacities may vary, it is possible for everyone to become highly competitive in the area of their academic pursuit. Also we must develop a sense of curiosity.

Ignorance must scare us. Find out when you do not know. Be a problem solver, learn to think through everyday problems in society and consider how you can contribute a solution to it. Since cognitive development requires exploration, commit to reading wide on issues and engage knowledgeable people in deep conversations that excite you to seek more.

Prayer Guide: Like Daniel and the other Hebrew gentlemen, may God grant us grace to be excellent in all our intellectual endeavour.

Memory Verse For This Week:

Luke 2:52 (ESV) – “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favour with God and man.”