Wednesday June 1, 2022


Scripture Reference: John 2:13-17.


We continue our study on being passionate for the things of God with a look at our Lord Jesus Christ, who entered the temple and drove out the people who had turned the temple into a market place. Jesus did not approve of such a practice and so had to drive them out. The traders had diverted from the reason why the temple was built – as a place for solemn gathering for worshipping God – and reduced it to a market place. Markets are popularly known for the filth they generate. Thus, their works were polluting the church.

Jesus’ zeal for the house of God was the driving force behind His action. Turning the temple into a market is synonymous to pollution of the temple. Jesus was passionate about protecting the holiness of the church and so He cleared all the filth and worldly practices from the church. His passion was to see the church glow in holiness and shine as light in this dark world. Do you care when sin seems to be gaining grounds in the church?

We must be zealous for the preservation of the church’s beauty and holiness, just as Jesus was. We demonstrate this zeal by continuously teaching against the worldly lifestyles creeping into the church. We must also be bold to condemn sin and pray for the proponents of these sinful lifestyles in the church and counsel them to desist from those acts. We cannot keep quiet for sin to rule in the church. How zealous are you?

Prayer Guide: Dear Lord, please give me a heart consumed by zeal for Your house.

Memory Verse For This Week:

Romans 12:11 (NIV) – “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.”