SUNDAY MAY 15, 2022


Thanks be to God for bringing us to the point of an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

We learnt that to encounter means to have an experience with someone. We got to know that when we encounter the Holy Spirit, He takes away the darkness and mess in our lives, bringing light into our lives. He transforms us from one state to another and this transformation becomes evident in our lives for people to see and give glory to God.

We learnt from the story of the early disciples that an encounter with the Holy Spirit takes away the fear in us, granting us strength and boldness for service. We are also empowered to overcome all worldly opposition we face. We must, however, yearn for continuous encounters with the Holy Spirit. An encounter with the Holy Spirit also gives us a revelation and knowledge about God – the kind that is not taught by anyone.

We concluded by saying that we must also prepare ourselves for an encounter with the Holy Spirit. We can do so by fasting, prayer and worship, and also by being in the right company.

Get ready for encounters with the Holy Spirit because He has made Himself available for you.

Prayer Guide: Thank You Holy Spirit for Your words. May I encounter You always and walk in Your presence, Amen.


1 Samuel 10:6 (NIV) – “The Spirit of the LORD will come upon you in power, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.”