TUESDAY MAY 10, 2022


Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 10:1-11.


Saul, before he became king, was seen as an ordinary man in Israel. He was looking for his father’s donkeys when he went to Samuel for guidance. That is where Prophet Samuel prophesied of Saul’s upcoming encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Saul was not known to be prophesying until the Spirit of the Lord came upon Him. He encountered the Holy Spirit and begun to prophesy to the surprise of the people around, who begun to ask; is Saul also among the prophets? (v. 11)

When one encounters the Holy Spirit, He brings about a total transformation, changing the man from one state to another. This is what was seen in Saul’s life. He was made anew. The newness the Holy Spirit brings, becomes evident in the person’s life for all to see. It shows as changes in your lifestyle (character, generosity) and also manifests as gifts of the Holy Spirit, leading you to service and greater excellence in your ministry.

It must however be noted that Saul encountered the Holy Spirit in the midst of other prophets (v. 10). Thus, if we are always in the wrong company, we will not even desire the Holy Spirit to encounter Him.

Have a desire for the Holy Spirit and associate with people who will increase your desire and help lead you to the Holy Spirit and you will encounter Him and be transformed into another man.

Prayer Guide: Pour out Your Spirit on me; Ignite Your fire in me; touch and make me anew, my Lord Jesus.


1 Samuel 10:6 (NIV) – “The Spirit of the LORD will come upon you in power, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.”