MONDAY MAY 9, 2022.


Scripture Reference: Genesis 1:1-5.


Praise the Lord! Our devotion this week focuses on “encounter with the Holy Spirit.” To encounter means to experience someone/something. The Holy Spirit is God and He is seen right in the beginning, involved in creation.

In our reading, we see an earth which is formless, empty and dark. Then the Holy Spirit moves upon the earth. It is during the Holy Spirit’s movement upon the earth that God spoke and light came upon the formless, empty and dark earth, making God’s creation good and beautiful and visible (Genesis 1:4). This tells us that the Holy Spirit is a source of light and transformation. Whoever encounters Him experiences a new light and transformation that makes the person beautiful and usable in God’s sight. When we allow Him to move in our lives, He takes away the darkness and the mess.

As we go through the devotion this week, prepare your heart for an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Set some days aside to fast and pray for an encounter with Him. God bless you.

Prayer Guide: I have come to You; Lord I’ve come just as I am. I’ve opened up to You, for a touch of You.


1 Samuel 10:6 (NIV) – “The Spirit of the LORD will come upon you in power, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.”