Scripture Reference: 1 Timothy 4:7-9.

EXPOSITION: Physical development has to do with enhancing the physical well- being of oneself. In 1 Timothy 4:8, the word of God says, “For physical training is of some value…” Christians ultimately develop themselves spiritually for an imperishable prize. However, physical development has its place of importance. Here are some good reasons for Christians to develop and maintain a generally healthy lifestyle by eating right and engaging in regular exercise.

Firstly, physical development is a sign of good stewardship. God has  given you a body to use and enjoy in your lifetime. It will not last forever, but as with anything else God entrusts to us as stewards (for example: money, possessions, time), you should take good care  of your body. Some people have disabling accidents or unavoidable medical conditions that limit the use or longevity of their body, but to  recklessly damage or disable your body through neglect or abuse is not to act as a good steward.

Secondly, learning self-control is another good reason for physical development of one’s self. In 1 Timothy 4 and 1 Corinthians 9, the most valuable exercise of self-control is not that which is related to physical exercise,  but which produces godliness. The self-control required to deny  yourself too much unhealthy food or the temptation to sleep rather than working out can help you become more effective in resisting temptations to sin. It’s all a matter of learning to bring your body into  subjection, making it your slave rather than your master.

Physical development also is necessary in loving others. Your body  is the instrument you use to love and serve others. Loving others by meeting needs often requires a bit of physical exertion.

PRAYER GUIDE: Lord, help me to grow in good stature, to love and  to have self-control, Amen.

MEMORY VERSE FOR THIS WEEK: 1 Samuel 2:26 – “And the child Samuel grew in stature and in favour both with the Lord and Men”.