Scripture References: Hebrews 5:13-14, Joshua 1:8 & Matthew 4:1-11.


Today we would discuss Spiritual Development; One’s walk with the  Lord. Spiritual development has its own disciplines. The author of Hebrews gives an analogy of the Christian who feeds on milk and the one who takes solid food. In the analogy, Christians are urged  to develop themselves by what the writer terms “by reasons of use.”  The basic activities be discussed are Studying diligently (the Word of  God), Fasting and Prayers.

In discipleship the subject of study is the Bible and Christ is the model. If you do not study for yourself, you would never know. We thank the Lord for giving us apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists  and teachers to lead and disciple us in Him. However, if you are going  to really grow spiritually and mature in the word, you must  study the word diligently yourself as the Word and the ministers always admonish. The Lord told Joshua, ‘do not let this Book of Law  depart from your mouth’.

The revelation knowledge  of God’s Word is what causes a man to stand firm in the faith and develop spiritually. Again, in order to grow spiritually, you need to fast and pray just as Christ did. Fasting and prayer cause us to bear  fruit and to grow spiritually. Scripture teaches that prayer edifies. God designed prayer as a means of establishing His work on earth through the lips of faithful men. Prayer expresses the will of God in us.

The Bible clearly admonishes believers to grow, advance and develop  knowledge of Christ, to grow to the stature of Christ, and to understand that all other things is null compared  to the excellency of knowing Christ Jesus.

PRAYER GUIDE: Lord, I want to grow spiritually so help me to study  your Word diligently and have the urge to fast and pray. Amen.

MEMORY VERSE FOR THIS WEEK: 1 Samuel 2:26: “And the child Samuel grew in stature and in favour both with the Lord and Men”.y