EXPOSITION:  With social media being the new town square, it is apparent that it is where people gather, debate, discuss ideas and connect with others.

It has become the converging point for the discussion of various ideas and theories, and the Christian is not excluded from these interactions. The interactions of the believer on social media should be fixed on thoughts that are ‘true, pure, lovely, honourable, right and admirable’. It is through this that the believer can possess the social media space.

The believer should therefore avoid watching and sharing pornographic  contents which are readily accessible on the space, avoid posting too  much personal information which can serve as a threat to his/her own life, avoid indecent expressions that can damage the emotions of others and also avoid publishing unwholesome content.

By doing this, the Church can, through God’s word, capture the minds of all people and possess the social media space as we live exemplary  lives on the digital medium.