Spiritual and Grace gifts from God are not meant to boost our self- confidence, neither are they meant to authorize us to lord it over  the church. God gave gifts to edify the church. From our scripture reading today, we realized that Jesus, while on earth, having been moved with compassion, began operating in the gifts of the Spirit.

 His super natural ministry to the people did not stem from an urge to show-off but from a burden to help the people. Jesus’ compassion  was to the extent that even when His time was not due to show forth  wonders on earth, He was moved to turn water into wine, after a couple run out of wine at a wedding ceremony (John 2:1-12). He was  also moved to extend deliverance to the daughter of a gentile woman  when the time was not due to extend God’s grace to the gentiles (Matthew 15:21-28).

Your operating in spiritual gifts should emerge from a heart of compassion. That is what sustains your gift(s) and gives God delight  to wrought wonderful things through you. Do you desire a gifting? Let your starting point be a heart of compassion. Daily, let us watch  our motives with which we seek the supernatural for our lives and the lives of others.