In the marketplace, the moral distortion of truth and deceit in doing business is often overlooked. Though subtle, the impression is that lying is unavoidable if one is to be successful in business. Unfortunately, deceptive characters have wrongfully assumed the title of being

smart. In the passage, the Prophet Isaiah laments the perversion of justice in the daily affairs of the people. He concludes that truth has fallen in the streets. Our discussion today will highlight the reason for this situation and our responsibility towards restoring truth to its rightful position in the marketplace.


1. Identify the three issues being addressed in the passage. (Verses 14, 15)

2. Discuss the statement truth has fallen in the streets. (Verse 14b)

3. What challenges do honest people face in the marketplace? (Verse 15a)

4. How should Christians respond to these challenges?

5. How would you personally uphold truth, justice and fairness in the marketplace?


The statement ‘truth is fallen in the streets’ describes the total disregard for truth, honesty, and fairness in the public place; market, political arena, courts, hospitals, etc. The Prophet goes further to say in verse15 that, those who stand for the truth are oppressed by the vanguards of falsehood. When lies and falsehood control the affairs of the marketplace, honest people are persecuted. Nevertheless, we have been mandated by God to restore order to the marketplace. In pursuing this agenda, Christians need to avoid half-truths, trickery and manipulation at the workplace. It is a call to be straightforward, firm, transparent and sincere. Truth can fall where proverbially, there is no pillar to support it. As agents of transformation, we must uphold truth, honesty and fairness in the market place.