Scripture Reference: 1 Samuel 2:22-26; Luke 2:40


Self-development is a life-long process that allows one to ascertain his abilities, establish priorities, and take action to help him achieve those goals and maximize his potential. The ultimate goal is to become self-satisfied. This entails living conscientiously to one’s full potential and attaining true happiness and success both with God and men. It involves growing in all dimensions; spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social, and is very important for a Christian who wants to fulfil all that God’s purpose for him/her.

From the scripture, we see the self-development of Eli’s Sons and that of Samuel. Eli’s sons did not develop in accordance with the statutes of God. They lay with the women who assembled at the door of the tabernacle. Their spiritual development was weak and it affected their emotions. They did not develop self-Control, had very high self-image which made them value themselves and behave in that manner, sinning against God. Eli did not hear good report about them, meaning their social development was bad. They did not grow in the image and glory of God. They did not have a listening ear. 1 Samuel 2:25 says “they did not heed to the voice of their father.” On the contrary, 1 Samuel 2:26 says “And the child Samuel grew in stature and in favour both with the Lord and Men.” Samuel knew the statutes of God (mental development). He grew in favour with God (spiritual development) and in favour with men – a good social development.

We should endeavour to grow in all dimensions in the favour of God and men. Our mental, spiritual, social and emotional development should please God. May we also grow in the image and the glory of God to fulfil and exhibit all the potentials God has deposited in us.

Prayer Guide: Help me Lord to develop myself holistically and in favour of you and men.


1 Samuel 2:26 (NKJV) – “And the child Samuel grew in stature and in favour both with the Lord and Men”.