Bedeku Central Church Building Dedicated

The Bedeku Central Church Building, which also serves as a meeting place for the Kasseh Zone in the Tema Area of The Church of Pentecost, has been dedicated to the glory of God.

The building was dedicated by the Tema Area Head, Apostle Matthew Larbi Wettey, on December 17, 2017, at Bedeku, Ada.

Speaking at the event with Haggai 2:6-9 as Scripture reference, Apostle Larbi Wettey explained that all riches belong to God and He gives it to those who deserve it. “Hence, people who can sacrifice what they have to put up a temple for God will never lack anything, he added.

The Tema Area Head further explained that, when we put up a structure (temple) for God, His presence comes in to dwell there.

“The church auditorium should serve as a telephone booth or a mobile phone through which we can connect with God. The only number that connects you to heaven is J-E-S-U-S,” he stated.

He said that as children of the Almighty God, Christians must learn to pray in times of trouble rather than chasing after people for prayers.

Apostle Larbi Wettey also explained that the human body is the dwelling place of God, therefore it should be kept clean and pure from any immoral act so that the presence of God will fully live in it.

Concluding his message, Apostle Matthew Larbi Wettey encouraged the members to keep holding on to the faith and to keep serving the Lord faithfully bearing in mind that their labour would not be in vain.

In a remark, the Area Head commended the leadership of the Church and the entire congregation for the good work done in ensuring that the successful completion of the church building.

The Bedeku Church Building project began 24 years ago when the late Apostle K.K.C. Gadzekpo on August 28, 1993, cut the sod for the commencement of the building.

Due to the hard work of the members, support from both Area and District and some individuals, the Area Head, Apostle Matthew Larbi Wettey in September 2017, laid the foundation stone of the building assisted by Overseer Franklin Kumi Lartey, the District Minister.

The 600-seater church building was finally completed and dedicated in December 2017.

In attendance were ministers and wives in the Tema Area, the Area Deacon, Elder Paul Kuwornu, the Area Women’s Ministry Leader, Mrs Charity Kuwornu, as well as former Presiding Elders and Elders from other Districts.

Report By: Overseer Franklin Kumi Lartey and Timothy Kutsuafor



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