Be Grateful To God Daily – Deaconess Charlotte

The Madina Area Women’s Ministry Leader of The Church of Pentecost, Deaconess Charlotte Konadu Amegatcher, has advised Christians to be grateful to God for his faithfulness towards them at all times.

According to her, God’s grace, mercy and favour towards His children continue to abound even though they sometimes demonstrate the sinful nature, indulge in wickedness or heed to the lustful desires of the flesh.

“As Christians, challenges should not prevent us from praising God. Being alive alone is enough reason to appreciate the greatness and faithfulness of God in our daily lives. We just need to focus on the goodness and greatness of God in our lives daily and give Him all the glory, praises, worship and thanks due Him regardless of how bad or good our present condition may be. In fact, the act of praising and worshipping God takes off psychological and emotional instability,” she said.

Mrs Charlotte Amegatcher said this during a thanksgiving service dubbed: “Aseda Kese Praise And Worship 2018” organized by the Madina Area Women’s Ministry at Sychar Prayer Grounds, Accra.

Preaching a sermon titled: “Praise God” with Revelations 4:11, Romans 1:21 and 1Chronicles 16:22-32 as her main Bible texts, Deaconess Amegatcher said that in every point in time there is a need for Christians to proclaim the goodness and greatness of God through praise, worship, honor and thanksgiving because God delivers them all the time without any conditions attached.

Referring to Romans 1:21, she explained that people who have had the opportunity to know God but refuse to give Him the worship and gratitude due Him are rejected by God.

“Don’t let God reject you for being ungrateful to Him by failing to praise, worship and thank Him for His goodness.  Rather, publish the glorious deeds of God among nations. The root of sin is the failure to value God above all things so that He is not honoured and praised as He should be.

“Some human beings act foolishly by refuting God’s lordship over their lives. Such people do not regard God as the One whom they ought to revere in praise and worship but only know of His existence and attributes. Therefore, knowing the existence of God is not enough but believing in Him and giving Him the due praise, worship and adoration at all times is what matters most,” she stated.

Mrs Charlotte Amegatcher further explained that humans were created to acknowledge God’s greatness and worship Him. She, however, stated that when human beings, particularly Christians, fail to devote themselves to serve, praise and worship God, God in His own alternative ways, could cause other creatures to worship Him.

Reading from Revelations 4:11, she said that, in an expression of submissiveness to God’s authority, the heavens extol God as the only one who is worthy of the threefold tribute – glory, honour and power. This is because He exerts His sovereign will in creating and sustaining all things.

“All creations in heaven and earth, particularly Christians, who have benefited from God’s intervention and divine opportunities must give genuine praise to Him. God deserves to be given genuine praise, thanks, glory, worship and adoration. Genuine praise and worship are given by declaring God’s greatness, character and attribute in the presence of others.

“When we recognize and affirm His greatness, we demonstrate His perfect moral nature for all to see. Also, praising and worshipping God benefits us because it takes our mind off our problems and needs, and enables us to focus on God’s power, grace, favour, love, majesty, blessings and deliverance,” she said.

Concluding her message, Deaconess Charlotte Konadu Amegatcher admonished Christians to be honest enough to praise God at any point in time irrespective of the challenges they may be facing.

“God has rescued us and continues to sustain our lives. We, therefore, have a responsibility to recognize His greatness and worship Him daily. The words of the songs we sing must express the greatness of God in praise, worship and thanksgiving. A quick recall of our backgrounds, experiences or challenges we have encountered, and the sins we committed in the past which we have been delivered from, among others, should cause us to be grateful to God for rescuing, protecting and preserving our lives. We must not be ungrateful. We must be humble and give genuine appreciation to God through praise even in the midst of challenges,” she said.

Report By: Joshua Asamoah Darko, Madina Area



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