Those Who Reject Jesus Will Face Eternal Punishment - Apostle Gyimah

Date: January 12, 2018

Believers have a huge task on their shoulders to rescue the world from hellfire, because anyone who rejects Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour are bound to face eternal punishment for their sins.

This calls for aggressive evangelism and discipleship by all confessing Christians in order to fulfill the Great Commission which the Lord Jesus Christ assigned the church.

Delivering a paper on “The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ And The Next Life” Apostle James Smith Gyimah, a retired minister of The Church of Pentecost, stated: “Those who reject Jesus in this life will face eternal punishment for their sins.”

He was speaking at the 6th Ministers and Wives’ Conference currently underway at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC) at Gomoa Fetteh, near Kasoa on Friday, January 12, 2018. It is being attended by about 3,500 participants, mainly serving ministers and their wives, as well some retired ministers of the Church.

Apostle Gyimah (Retd) noted that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, which would be a visible event for all to see, is imminent (Acts 1:11). However, he said, no one knows the exact time of His return (Matthew 24:36), saying, “The theory of imminence implies that the Lord’s return is the very next event on the revealed programme of God.”

He said for Christians, the final judgment will be a time to receive the goal of our faith. “The description of the Holy City of New Jerusalem suggests, however, that the next life of the people of God will be much superior than everything that Adam and Eve experienced (Romans 8:20-21),” he stressed.

He indicated that the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will be heralded by the Rapture. According to him, the intention of the Rapture is to allow the saints to escape the seven-year tribulation, because Christians are thought to be exempt from it (1 Thessalonians 1:10).

According to the retired minister, the belief in the Second Coming of Christ, future judgment of both the righteous and the wicked, and the future bliss in the next life for believers, all should serve as powerful motivations for holy living and radical discipleship.

He added that the beliefs in eternal joy and happiness for believers in Heaven on one hand, and eternal damnation for unbelievers on the other hand, serve to strengthen proper understanding of the relationship between God’s love and God’s holiness.

He mentioned that the Bible gave several accounts of the Second Coming of Christ and the next life, therefore, it is bound to happen, “Belief in the resurrection of the dead at the end of this age is a central teaching in the Gospel accounts (Matthew 22:23-32; John 5:24-30) as well as in other New Testament writings (e.g. Acts 23:6-9; 24:15),” he pointed out.

Apostle Gyimah (Retd) disclosed that the central feature of the end time victory for God’s people who suffer persecution during the period of the Great Tribulation is the defeat of the Antichrist, described in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 as the man of lawlessness.


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