Delivered From Idol Worship

Date: June 19, 2017

Gabriel Nkrumah, 32, is a member of The Church of Pentecost at Kenyase-Adwumam of New Tafo Area in Kumasi. He was born to a Christian mother and an idol-worshipping father (fetish priest).

He began his early life in Kenyase-Adwumam where he worshipped with The Church of Pentecost, but the story changed as Gabriel and his parents relocated to Asumra in the Brong-Ahafo Region.

His father who was a zealous idol-worshipper was able to divert Gabriel’s faith into idols and initiated him into it. According to Gabriel, his father was very popular and influential in the small community where they lived. He added that a lot of people used to consult him for spiritual help and disclosed that some pastors even came to his father for ‘power’ to establish their churches.

As a young boy, Gabriel saw how his father was making money and gaining popularity in idol worship, so he had the desire to continue the practice of his father. He further narrated that he was the one who always carried the drinks and the fowl that were used to sacrifice to the gods and drank the leftovers which made him addicted to alcohol.

He stated that at a point in time he could not sleep without taking alcohol and that he became a slave to alcohol. Not only did he become alcoholic, he also engaged himself in fornication and other vices.

How did Gabriel return to the faith in Christ which he had abandoned in his childhood days? In his words: “I realized I had become something different from what I used to be when I was in The Church of Pentecost. I lost every bit of respect and dignity even in the face of children.”

According to him, on one fateful day, he started to take a retrospection of his life and realized that he was in the grips of Satan.

Gabriel noted that he remembered a message preached about the prodigal son by one pastor during a convention he attended when he was in the Church. He stated: “I was just like the prodigal son.”

Gabriel finally resolved to go back to Christ and so went to worship with The Church of Pentecost in the community and was prayed for by the church elders. He was delivered from the grips of the devil and that brought about the turning point in his life. Gabriel is now an active member of the Church. Glory be to God.

Report by:  Pastor Seth Opoku & Elder Douglas Otoo, Kenyase District.

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