Personality Profile Of Elder Emmanuel K. Antwi

One of the important mandates of Christians is to evangelize and win more souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. Such is the story of a man who didn’t have any formal education but did exploit for the Lord. Pentecost News caught up with this great man of God, Elder Emmanuel Kwadwo Antwi, who has opened 21 local assemblies for The Church of Pentecost.


Elder Emmanuel Kwadwo Antwi, a native of Ampento in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, was born on 14th March, 1928 to Opanyin Kwadwo Abu and Abenaa Benewaa, both of blessed memory.


He dropped out of school at Class One after being enrolled for only four months. His early exit from the classroom was caused by his parent’s inability to pay his school fees. His father advised him to assist him in his farming activities. Strangely, after his conversion into The Church of Pentecost, Emmanuel was divinely empowered to read and write in Twi. God revealed Himself to himin dreams on regular basis and taught him how to read the Twi Bible on a chalkboard. One night, Emmanuel heard God’s voice audibly calling, “Emmanuel, Emmanuel! I will open your mind and show you the way to go.” Since then, Elder Antwi has been able to read and write Twi and also memorize several scriptures from the Twi Bible.

Working Life

At the age of 20, Emmanuel decided to learn vocation in tailoring at Kumasi but couldnot also finish. He had to move from Kumasi to Obo Kwahuto continue his apprenticeship. While at Obo Kwahu, he nearly lost his life as one of his friends sold me out for a ritual purposeat a cost of 100 pesewas. On the day preceding the said rituals, Emmanuel heard a strong voice warning him to flee forhis life because one of his friends was seeking for his life. He immediately left the town to escape that impending catastrophe.

From Kwahu, his master moved all his traineesto Asesewa, where Emmanuel finally graduated from his apprenticeship in 1951. He combined tailoring and farming as his major occupations.

Marriage and Family Life

Elder Emmanuel Kwadwo Antwi got married in 1955 to Afia Mansah of Ampaha and have been blessed with 10 children out of which one is deceased. Two of his children are ministers of The Church of Pentecost. They are Apostle Samuel Antwi (the Area Head of Kasoa) and Pastor Daniel Antwi Adjei of Nsawam. Also, Deaconess Hannah Antwi-Otabil, the current Executive Assistant at the Ashaiman Area Office. The other six, including Deaconess Sophia Appiah (former National Secretary for the Evangelism Ministry in U.S.A.), are all officers in the Church.


Presbyterian by birth, Emmanuel Antwi converted into The Church of Pentecost after marriage through the effort of his wife, a staunch member of The Church of Pentecost. What happened was that after the marriage, he was attacked by a strange illness that nearly caused him to poison myself.However, his wife, Deaconess Elizabeth Antwi, led him to Christ and after being in the church for a while, God revealed Himself to himassuring him of divine healing. Emmanuel got completely healed afterwards and decided to accept Christ into his life. He was baptized by Pastor Hushie in 1960 at Kade.

Involvement in Church Activities

Elder Emmanuel Kwadwo Antwi has mentored many young ones who have become strong Christians today. Prominent among them are Apostle Samuel Lord Agyin and Pastor Solomon Odame, who came under his tutelage during their youthful days. Being a great asset to the church, Elder Antwi engaged in vibrant evangelism everywhere he went and helped to open 21 local churches. He opened the Ampento, Detieso, Addaeto and Dejanso assemblies in the Ampaha District between 1960 and 1969. He also established theKadonko and Adiembra assemblies in the Bibiani and Assin Foso districts respectively.

In the Fenaso Junction District, he opened the following assemblies between 1964 and 1987: Fenaso, Oseikrom, Kronko, Nummreso, Kurofrom, Romaso, Subinmma and Fenaso Junction. Between 1971 and 1986, he opened Ntotompoh and Apremdo assemblies in the Takoradi Area. Also in the Obuasi Area, he established the Apitisu, Mile 14 and Mile 9 assemblies between 1977 and 1983.

In Abidjan, he opened an assembly of the church at Brasokrom (Yamoussoukro) in 1978. And also in 1993, he opened the Paga assembly.Currently, some of the assemblies have grown into full-fledged districts.

Despite his deep involvement in church activities and church planting, Elder Antwi declined the call into the full-time ministry of The Church of Pentecost though he was recommended for ministry by Apostle Egyir Paintsil in 1962, Apostle E. Denkyi in 1966 and Apostle F.D. Walker in 1974. His refusal to enter into the full-time ministry was based on his low level of education, which he thought would be a major setback in his ministry. He however had a strong conviction that some of his children would definitely become ministers in the Church.

Elder Antwi has also worked with several ministers of the Church. Notably among them were Apostle Egyir Paintsil, Apostle Denkyi, Apostle F.D. Walker, Prophet M.K. Yeboah, Apostle F.S. Sarfo, Apostle J.C. Quaye and Apostle A.T. Nartey, among others.

2016 Theme

Elder Antwi believes that this year’stheme is very timely, because Christians need to hear and obey the Lord’s voice in the wake of the proliferation of churches and the quest of false prophets deceiving many unsuspecting people.


Elder Emmanuel Kwadwo Antwi loves reading the Bible at his leisure hours.

Compiled by: Elder Samuel Danso