Home Training Key To Moral Upbringing - Youth Director

Date: August 17, 2017

The Youth Director of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron, has advised parents to be good role models for the children at home since home training sets the foundation for a child’s value system.

According to him, parents play a crucial role in shaping the lives of their children because moral values such as diligence, truthfulness, time consciousness, submission, and respect for authority, are learned from the home.

Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron, said this on Tuesday, July 27, 2017, when he addressed the Speech and Prize Giving Day Ceremony of the Ministry of Health Basic School at Korle-Bu in Accra as the Guest Speaker.

He stated that parents need to create a positive atmosphere at home which would support the psychological development of their wards by demonstrating unconditional love and acceptance to them.

“Parents need to show unconditional love and acceptance to their children. Children spell ‘LOVE’ as ‘TIME’. Every child is a special gift from God, possessing a unique set of talents, gifts, and potentials“

“Parents should avoid making unnecessary comparisons among their children as this is a major cause of unhealthy competitiveness and rivalries among siblings and friends. Every parent is the first teacher that your child has,” he said.

The Youth director also urged parents to invest in their children’s education and general well-being at all cost.

“Spending on kids is not easy. Social and religious pressures can make us respond to funeral clothes, parties, and weddings when we at the same time give excuses for not providing for our children. This is not right. We highly commend all parents who are sparing no cost the quest to achieve a bright future for our children.”

 To the teachers, Apostle Nyansah Hayfron advised them to be careful about the words they use on the children entrusted to their care but to provide the needed support and encouragement to them at all times.

“For our children to grow up psychologically and intellectually healthy, teachers must be careful the kind of words they use on students when things go unexpectedly. Each one of us as adults, still remember the damaging words some teachers have used on us, and how it battled with our self-confidence. Let us be a source of encouragement to our children, especially those who are vulnerable,” he noted.

He also advised teachers not to be complacent but to continue to build their capacity in order to effectively impact the children.

“The nature of millennial and Generation Z kids we have today make teaching a very challenging job. The children of today are thinking and analyzing complex ideas we did not engage with. Good teachers must research always, and serve fresh meat to this eagle generation, “he said.

Touching on the adverse impact of media, arts, and entertainment on the contemporary youth, Apostle Nyansah Hayfron, called on educational institutions to educate children on the harmful effect of watching and listening to bad content.

He also advised the media to be circumspect about the contents of their broadcast.

He also called on politicians not to be preoccupied with wealth creation but to use their influential positions to serve their generation by providing quality education, hospitals, roads and other social amenities, all of which contribute to the well-being of children.

He also appealed to religious leaders, whom he described as the pointers of morality in society, to be godly examples to children.

The Youth Director concluded his address by urging the graduands to fully rely on God for the spiritual strength needed to succeed in academia and in life.