Tarkwa PIWC Organises Seminar For Teens

Date: February 25, 2018

The Tarkwa branch of the Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC, Tarkwa) has organised a 2-day seminar for teenagers in the church, mostly students from senior and junior high schools.

The event, which took place between 3rd and 4th May 2017, was hosted by the Resident Minister, Pastor Charles Nyarko, and his wife Deborah.

The youngsters were taken through various aspects of life such as social, academic and spiritual issues. The programme also involved teachings, discussions, prayers and socialisation. Among the facilitators were the Resident Minister and his wife, Elder Dr Kumi-Boateng, Elder Peter Nyarko and Deaconess Dr Ohenewaa Kakra Dankwa.

Pastor Charles Nyarko took the teens through “Salvation” based on Luke 15:11-31 (The parable of the lost son).

Speaking on the topic, “Achieving Academic Excellence” with Daniel as a character study, Deaconess Dr Ohenewaa revealed how Daniel was blessed with wisdom from God and how he became outstanding among his peers.

“In order for us to be academically excellent, we need to seek for divine wisdom and understanding, have a purpose, work hard and persevere towards achieving our goals,” she stated.

She also taught the students about the various courses and the opportunities available after offering those courses in school.

Day two was used to engage the teenagers in effective Bible study. The Resident Minister indicated that there are three ways in having quiet time which include studying the Bible repeatedly, studying it rapidly and studying it reflectively, but all must be done with a hunger to know more of the Word of God through the help of the Holy Spirit.

The wife of the resident minister, Mrs Deborah Nyarko, also took the participants on how to pick their friends (1 Corinthians 15:33).

Report by: Mary Nyarko