Show Good Etiquette - Ministers And Wives Urged

Date: February 25, 2018

“A minister of God needs to be revered and respected by all and sundry, and to command these noble attributes they must learn to imbibe in themselves good etiquettes worthy of emulation,”Kattie Ashong, Counsellor/Grooming Expert,indicated this in a presentation on Etiquette at the maiden Global Ministers and Wives’ Conference at Gomoa Fetteh on Monday, January 9, 2017.

KattieAshong who gave the first address of the conference said ministers of God must exhibit good manners at table, in addressing people, and in receiving and appreciating what they receive.

She resorted to practical demonstrations to drum homegood manners such as appropriate sitting as ladies, wiping the face and some essential parts of the body while perspiring as well as greeting.

“Women should sit upright and avoid crossing the legs while sitting; ministers should learn to make polite requests from their wives and other people if they have to and should receive such offers with gratitude and appreciation,” she stated.

Interestingly, the grooming expert hinted that the word ‘sweat’ is meant for animals, whereas ‘perspire’ is used for men and ‘glow’ for women.

Touching on greeting, she intimated that it is relevant for people to practise frequent greetings even in instances when they are not familiar with the people they come across. She also encouraged the ministers and their wives to learn and exhibit good table manners such as the appropriate use of cutlery, munching food gently and sitting upright while eating without leaning on the table.

The counsellor could not have finished her speech without telling the ministers and their wives to be ‘romantic’ towards each other,especially in their address by subscribing to words such as ‘sweetheart,’ ‘darling,’ and ‘honey’ among others.

The GMWC’17 is definitely going to experience a blend of such interesting episodes with the spiritual as well as intellectual components in subsequent days as the conference unfolds.