January 7-10

PENSA Conference

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. 7, Dep. 10

 January 11

Apostles, Prophets & Evangelist Prayers

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. 10

January 12-15

All Ministers and Wives Conference

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. 11, Dep. Sat. 16

January 18-24

‘We Care’ Week

All Assemblies


February 8-14

MANI Conference


African Heads

February 8-14

Area Officers’ Retreat         1

Area Level

Those to use PCC may shift it to 15-21

February 15–21

National Ministerial Interviews

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh


February 22–28

Area Officers’ Retreat            2

Area Level


March 7-13

Missions Week

Assembly Level


March 17-20

PIWC Leaders’ Seminar

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. 17, Dep 20

March 24-27

Easter Conventions

Area Level


April 4-8

Executive Council Session  1

Tesano Transit

Arr 3, dep 9

April 17

Officers’ Appreciation Day

All Assemblies




2 0 1 6   C O U N C I L   M E E T I N G S


May 2-7

Executive Council Session  2

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. May 1

May 9-10

Heads’ Session

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. May 8

May 11-13

General Council Meeting

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. May 10, Dep. 14


May 15

P U C Offering Day

All Assemblies


May 16-22

Evangelism Week-long Activities

As Arranged


May 23-28

Lay Leaders’ Training

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. 22, Dep. 28

June 19

Pensions Day

Assembly Level


July 11-17

Youth Ministry Week-long Activities

As Arranged


July 31

Retirement for Pastors

As Arranged


August 14

Farewell for Pastors

As Arranged


August 21

Retirement for Heads

As Arranged


August 21


Assembly level


August 28

Farewell for Heads

As Arranged


August 30-Sept 3

Mid-Year Executive Meeting

Tesano Transit

Arr. 29, Dep. 4


Orientation for New Area Heads

Head office

Arr. 5, Dep. 8

Sept 11

Area Heads Welcome Service

As Arranged



Children’s Ministry Week-long Activities

Assembly Level


October 3–8


Assembly Level


October 9

Outreach Fund Day

All Assemblies


November 8-13

Heads’ Prayer Session

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. Nov 7, Dep. 13

December 20-21

Head-Office Management & Staff Retreat

PCC, Gomoa Fetteh

Arr. 19, Dep. 22

December 22-25

Christmas Conventions

District Level

As arranged



    • Ministry weeks will now be held biennially with two ministries every year on rotational basis. The ministry directorate will decide whether to use the week for convention or normal weeklong activities. Area Heads are to ensure that all the ministries meet at least twice every month at the local level without interference.
    • Area Heads are at liberty to reschedule dates for all Ministry Week-long programmes to suit their Areas’ convenience.
  2. Bible Awareness Week takes place from February 8 to Sunday 14, 2016. Assemblies are encouraged to join Local Council of Churches to observe the week.
  3. Although April 17 has been proposed for the observation of Officers’ Appreciation, Area Heads may reschedule it for any Sunday morning that will be convenient in their Areas.
  4. For Convenience, January 25th–30th  has been set aside for possible use by Areas for their End of Year  Meetings.

Since the period does not coincide with any other meeting, it is likely the Areas would have all District Pastors present.

  1. July 25th–30th has also been set aside for possible use by Areas for their Mid Year Meetings.
  2. Ministries Directors must endeavour NOT to collect their reports before Area Presbytery Meetings.