Agormanya Area Awards Highly Performed Districts

Date: February 2, 2018

The Agormanya Area of The Church of Pentecost has given certificates of recognition to highly performed districts in the Area during the end-of-year Area Presbytery meeting held on 26th January, 2018 at Agormanya Central building.

In an opening remarks, the Area Head, Apostle James Gabriel Quardson, noted that the award was meant to appreciate and recognise hardworking districts as well as motivate others in order to uplift the good image of the Area.

Among the districts which were awarded for their spectacular performance in the year 2017 are: Asesewa, Akrade, Akateng, Adjena, Agormanya, Akosombo PIWC, Okornya, Sekesua, and Oterkporlu

Oterkporlu District was awarded for being the Overall Best District in the Area for achieving both Tithes and Missions Offering budgets, while Asesewa District was also recognised for being the highest Soul Winning district and baptising the highest number of converts in water. The district also achieved its budgets for Tithes and Missions Offering.

Agormanya District was also rewarded for being the Highest Quantum Contributor in both Tithes and Missions Offering. Other district which achieved their Tithes and Missions Offering budgets are Sekesua, Akateng, Adjena and Akrade.

Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC–Akosombo) was adjudged the highest per capita contributor in both Tithes and Missions Offering.

The District Ministers who took the awards on behalf of their respective districts thanked the Area leadership for the kind gesture and promised to continue to work hard for more laurels. The ministers include: Pastors Emmanuel Assah–Awuku (Asesewa), Hayford Alfred Nartey (Akrade), Abubakari Issah–Gustav (Adjena), Samuel Bonney (Agormanya), Peter Adams (Akosombo PIWC), Overseers Abraham Harvoh (Akateng), Alex Kyei Yeboah (Okornya) and Probationary Overseer Robert Asamoah (Sekesua)

Report by: Probationary Overseer Robert Asamoah & Ezekiel Abban Teye, Agormanya Area Reporters


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