Chairman Interacts With COP Scholarship Beneficiaries

Date: January 10, 2018

The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost (COP), Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah, has urged beneficiaries of the COP Headquarters Educational Scholarship to be grateful to God for His benevolence towards them through the Church.

He said that one way they could demonstrate their gratitude to God for this grace made available to them is to be loyal to Him and the Church.

“Be faithful to God, be loyal to the Church, and defend the faith wherever you are. When you hear others saying negative things against your church, you must defend the Church, do not join them in speaking against the Church,” he stated.

The Chairman said this on January 6, 2018, when he interacted with the beneficiaries at the Pentecost Convention Centre (PCC), Gomoa Fetteh, on the sidelines of the recently-held 2018 PENSA Ghana Conference.

He was joined by the General Secretary, Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi, the Achimota Area Head and Executive Council Member of the Church, Apostle Joseph Assabil, the Youth Director, Apostle David Nyansah Hayfron, and the Director of the Pentecost Social Services (PENTSOS), Elder George Afrifa.

Addressing the students, two of whom had recently completed their tertiary education, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah advised the students to see themselves as recipients of God’s grace and not to take it for granted.

He explained that they are recipients of divine grace because they were the few who were selected out of the lot who applied for the scholarship.

The Chairman also observed that often when people receive such support, instead of showing gratitude to the Lord for what He has done for them, they rather complain that the conditions for the scholarship could have been better.

The Chairman, therefore, advised the students to appreciate what they have received from God and what the Church is doing for them.

“What God expects from us is a heart of gratitude. So be grateful to God and the instrument of His blessings, which is the Church,” he said.

Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah stated that the students could also demonstrate their gratitude for the scholarship by applying themselves to studies.

“Study hard; aim high, and success will be your portion. Always appreciate the Lord and the Church for this great opportunity, and pray for others to receive the same opportunity you have been given,” he advised.

Apostle Kumi-Larbi, in turn, stated that the Church has increased the number of scholarship beneficiaries from one person per region to one person per area in order to assist more youth members in attaining higher education.

He advised the students to keep studying hard and to live godly lives since they also serve as ambassadors of the Church at their various schools.

“We do not want a situation where any of you would be called to face the Disciplinary Committee for any untoward behaviour. Aside from the fact that you are students and members of the Church, you are first and foremost Christians, so let your Christian virtues be seen wherever you go,” he advised.

Apostle Joseph Assabil was grateful to God for the opportunity He has made available to the students through the Church. He further reiterated the need for the students to have a heart of gratitude towards God and the Church for this act of benevolence. He said that when they do so they would value the opportunity they have been given and make the most of it.

“Always be mindful of what you have received and be grateful. This heart of gratitude would cause you to excel,” he said.

On behalf of the students, the Youth Director thanked the leadership of the Church for the noble initiative to support needy but brilliant students in the Church.

He also advised the students to apply themselves to hard work in order to excel in their various field of endeavours, saying that “opportunity does not always end up in productivity so apply yourself to hard work.”

The PENTSOS Director, on his part, lauded the leadership of the Church for their initiative to support members of the Church.

Among the 54 beneficiaries present at the meeting was Mr John Lartey, a visually impaired final year student of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW).

He expressed his gratitude to God and to the leadership of the Church for sustaining the initiative and ensuring prompt payment of tuition fees. He said that the scholarship has been of great benefit to him and his family since it was a huge burden on his shoulders.

Currently, a total of 116 students in the various tertiary institutions in the country selected from the various areas and regions of the Church are benefiting from the Church’s educational scholarship.


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