Be Resolute In Faith - Apostle Ahalivor To Christians

Date: January 8, 2018

The Madina Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Anthony Kwabla Ahalivor, has admonished Christians to trust in God and be resolute in their faith in order overcome unexpected challenges or threats.

According to him, this would enable them to uphold their Christian virtues in dealing with the obvious challenges of today's changing world.

“The best way to overcome difficulties is to trust in God and focus on His faithfulness. Irrespective of the challenges one may encounter in the years ahead, just eschew despair and fear, stand firm and focus on God and He will surely intervene and come to your rescue in times of uncontrollable threats," he said.

Apostle Anthony Ahalivor, who doubles as the National Estate Committee Chairman of the Church, made these assertions at the Madina Central Auditorium, on December 31, 2017, during the Watch-Night Service.

Reading from Exodus 14:15, while delivering a sermon titled, "Move On!", the Madina Area Head said the devil and his cohorts, and other oppressors want Christians to give up their good virtues and that is why they always incite believers to go back to their old sinful state. In so doing, they pursue Christians with incomprehensible difficulties for them to make wrong retrogressive decisions so that they would distrust God.

He said that when the Israelites found themselves trapped between the sea and the Egyptian army, they thought that they were doomed.

"In spite of the fact that God's powerful hand had delivered them from Egyptian bondage, their only response was fear, despair, whining, grumbling and complaining. Many Christians today do similar things. When faced with any temporary or minor threats or challenges, they start complaining, criticizing, accusing everybody and even losing hope in God,” he observed.

Apostle Ahalivor continued that, while the people were hostile, Moses, as a good leader, had a positive attitude. He was confident that God would never allow them to be killed by the Egyptians in the desert. So he assured the Israelites that God would surely rescue them.

"As Christians, we should learn to trust and rely on God in difficult situations, and we should also encourage others in the same manner,” he said.

Apostle Ahalivor further stated that the strategies used by God to rescue His people differ, depending on the nature and gravity of the situation.

He highlighted three strategic methods God used to rescue the Israelites. First, God made angels go behind them; caused the clouds to go behind them, and also jammed the wheels of the Egyptians chariots and horses.

Apostle Ahalivor added that, with the pillars of fire and clouds, God lit the path of the Israelites, protected them from their enemies, provided reassurance, controlled their movements and inspired their zeal.

The Madina Area Head urged Christians to stand firm in all situations without fear, despair and complaints because “through Fear and complaints you will never discover any positive solution to negative situations. Rather, the fear of negativity or threats will cause you to make wrong decisions, bring about frustration, and make one run to an unknown destination that may lead to premature death."

Apostle Anthony Ahalivor, therefore, urged Christians to be eager to know and identify God's voice and directions, especially during difficult times, before making any decision or taking steps of action.

"It may not be an easy road in 2018 and some years ahead. Only individuals who may know their paths in the desert, red sea and military army, those who have faith in God and have a spirit of determination to stand firm; those who are hardworking, proactive and undertake steps of action; as well as those who eschew complaints, despair, whining and grumbling, would see the victory of God,” he stated.

He added that “those who never focus on negativity but on the positives and those who focus on the faithfulness and intervention of God in unexpected threats will surely survive. Just serve, worship and trust God with determination no matter the gravity of your challenges. Focus on God's faithfulness in the past, don’t fear and complain. As a Christian, you can face and overcome any crises with confidence. Just trust God's faithfulness and intervention, and keep moving on in your Christian life journey."

Report By: Joshua Asamoah Darko, Madina Area

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