117th Birthday Of James McKeown Marked At Ebenezer Assembly

Date: September 13, 2017

Members of the Ebenezer Assembly in Wassa Ateiku District of Assin Foso Area of The Church of Pentecost have celebrated the 117th birthday of the Founder of The Church of Pentecost, Pastor James McKeown, in a grand style.

The occasion was marked with joy on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Some of the activities that took place on the day included a documentary film show of the life of Pastor James McKeown, brief lectures about him and a prayer marathon, among others.

Addressing the congregation, the Presiding Elder, Elder Samuel Arthur, called on the members to follow the footsteps of Pastor McKeown to impact their generations.

He encouraged them to pray to God for the grace that helped the founder to adhere to the call to come to the Gold Coast (now Ghana) as a missionary in 1937. As he put it, “Pastor James lived a simple and selfless lifestyle that encouraged all people to draw closer to him, and that made him a unique missionary.

“Being the children of that man, there is the need to be dedicated to the work of God and be obedient to Him all the time.

“Pastor McKeown was a humble man of God; he did not ask people to address him as Apostle or Prophet. He was okay with the simple title ‘Pastor.’ Looking at the way he was able to call some men of God into the offices of Apostles, Prophets and Evangelists, it would not have been wrong to address him with one of such titles, but I have learnt that he was comfortable with the simple name ‘Pastor James.’

“What are you leaving as a legacy being a son or daughter of Pastor James? What are you doing to impact your generation since you are an example of Christ in this current world?  Live simple lives as your father James. Don’t bestow big titles upon yourself as a result of the little gift that God has given to you. Humble yourself before the Lord and people, and at the appropriate time, God will lift you up.” 

Pastor McKeown, an Irish Missionary with the Apostolic Church, Bradford, UK, was born on September 12, 1900, at Ballymena in Northern Ireland. 

Report By: Joseph Smiles Adu

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