The Maasai Fully Represented At GMWC17

Date: January 10, 2017

Participants of The Global Ministers and Wives’ Conference of The Church of Pentecost stood in awe as men dressed in attire resembling that of warriors walked about the Pentecost Convention Centre at Gomoa Fetteh, the venue for the international conference on Monday, January 9, 2017.

Everyone wondered where they came from and what was going on. Many looked around to see what the personnel of the Ghana Police Service were doing about the situation. But as if taken by surprise, the able men and women of the Police Service present looked on in awe as the “warriors” marched on towards the 5,000-seater capacity Egyir Paintsil auditorium which was to host the maiden edition of the international conference.

As they went through the vigorous security checks installed at the entrance of the auditorium, we all expected something to happen but no! They passed the security clearance and comfortably took their seats. As we got to learn later on, they were Pastors, Yes! Pastors of The Church of Pentecost in Kenya.

The Maasai tribe are in town to participate in the first ever Global Ministers and Wives’ Conference of the Church being attended by about 5,000 ministers of the church and their wives drawn from 90 countries across the globe where the church has branches.

The Maasai people are a Nilotic ethnic group inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. According to the 2009 Kenya population, they make up about 2% of the population. They are noted for their distinctive customs and dress. And make no mistake, they are also famous for their fearsome reputations as warriors and cattle-rustlers. Just like the 12 tribes of Israel, the Maasai are also divided into twelve geographic clans with each clan having its own customs, appearance, leadership and dialects.

As The Church of Pentecost was established to spread the gospel to all nations in line with “The Great Commission,” the church was able to reach this unique tribe through years of dedication and hard work of various missionaries sent to the Eastern part of Africa. Statistics gathered on the total membership of the Maasai tribe in the church in Kenya indicates that, they make up over 75% of the total membership.

One of the secrets of the phenomenal growth of The Church of Pentecost in Kenya was the decision by the founding fathers to embrace the culture of the country. By so doing, indigenes could worship God comfortably without necessarily eroding their own culture. It is believed that the same mentality is being used to spread the gospel to other countries across the world which is evident in the increasing number of non-Ghanaian ministers being called into the full time ministry.


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