EVAYOUTH Holds Evangelism Seminar In Malabo

Date: December 30, 2016

The EVAYOUTH Ministry of The Church of Pentecost in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea has organized a three-day evangelism workshop on the theme:“Closing the Backdoor and Opening the Front Door” – John 17:12.

The event was meant to strategize to look for alternative means of preaching the Good News to the people to win more souls for Christ and to further expand the Church in Equatorial Guinea.

EVAYOUTH is a groupmade up of members of the Youth and the Evangelism ministries. It was setup with the purpose of promoting intensive evangelism across the country through house-to-house evangelism and crusades.

The merger of the Evangelism and Youth ministries into EVAYOUTH, an initiative of Pastor Thomas Anane (the National Head), was to get more numbers, especially the youth into the field to win the people for the Lord.

The three-day programme started on Thursday, December 1,and ended on Sunday, December4, 2016 at the “CASA PENTECOSTES.”

The National Head of the Church in Equatorial Guinea, Pastor Thomas Anane, enlightened the participants on various ways to preach the Good News of Christ to people.

He made the participants to realize that they can preach the Gospel to people using what they have, which can be their businesses, personal properties or anything they see around them.He explained how Jesus was able to win Simon Peter as a disciple using his fishing boat in Luke 5:1-10.

Pastor Thomas Anane encouraged the members to take evangelism seriously, because it is a calling for all Christians as instructed by Jesus Christ in Mathew 28:19 -“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Members of EVAYOUTH on Saturday went on a house-to-house visitation and took the opportunity to share the word of God with people on the streets.

Preaching on the theme to climax the event on Sunday, Elder Wisdom Akpakli, an Executive CommitteeMember of EVAYOUTH Ministry, stressed the need to close the backdoor and open the front, by making sure that members show love and do all in their power to help new converts to be grounded in Christ and never to go back to the world.

Quoting John 17:12, he explained that Christians have to live a righteous life like Jesus Christ did and shun things that will drive people away from the light (church), because Jesus Christ came to seek and save the lost.

“We need to associate with people so that we can preach the Good News to them as Jesus Christ did in Luke 19:1-10, when he stayed in the sinful task collector Zacchaeus’shouse, an action that caused him to repent,” he pointed out.

A short drama on how to preach the Gospel was staged by members of the ministry.

Pastor Thomas Anane later prayed for some 21 new converts who joined the church between July and December 2016, and encouraged them to stay in Christ for their salvation.

Report by: Elder Aikins Seddor, Malabo.

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