Cameroon Ends Christmas Convention

Date: December 30, 2016

This year’s Christmas Convention for The Church Of Pentecost, Cameroon was held from 22nd to 25th December, 2016 at six centres, namely Yaounne, Garoua, Limbe, Douala, Yoyo and Idenau, under the theme: “With God Nothing Is Impossible” (Luke 1:37).

The National Head, Pastor J. B. K. Tawiah, in a sermon to climax the convention on Sunday, 25th December, explained that Christmas is a period of recounting God’s visitation to mankind and the making of impossibilities possible.

Drawing inspiration from the story of the angelic visitations to Mary’s family as recorded in Luke Chapter One, he stated that there are various angles from which God made the impossible possible in that family.

The first is that God visited the same family within a space of six months and made it possible for Mary,a virgin and Elizabeth, an old and barren woman to conceive in miraculous ways.

According to Pastor Tawiah, God’s move made sure that John TheBaptist, who was to become the voice that would announce the coming of Christ, and Jesus Christ Himself were born in the same family. “What was surprising was why God decided to let this great men be born in the same family. But it became clear that God chooses whom He wants to bless and favour at any point in time,” he said.

Secondly, God made Elizabeth,who was not in the temple with the husband when the angel visited,conceived. Thisincident, just like that of Sarah in Genesis chapter 18, Pastor Tawiah said, “shows that God will act to fulfil what He has said no matter what the stand of the beneficiary.”

According to him, Elizabeth conceived in spite of the doubt in Zachariah mind; Sarah conceived even though she did not think it was possible to conceive at 90 (Romans 4:19), andMary also conceived even though she did not know a man, stressing that the power of God in the life of the believer will make the impossible possible.

He cited Jeremiah 32:17, 27 to buttress the point that God’s ability to create the world out of nothing, should convince believers that He is able to fulfil His word.

“As believers, we need to look back on the things God has done for us in the past and use them as the basis to believe that He is able to do it again. We may also have to look at instances in scripture, for these were written for our instruction (1 Corinthians 10:6,11), because what God has done in other people’s lives can also serve as motivation for putting our trust in Him.

“Just as Joseph, son of Jacob relied on what God has said about him(that he would be great),and so did not look at the challenges that came his way,we also need to rely on what God tells us, because He makes sure that His word performs what He commands it to do (Jeremiah1:12;Isaiah 55:11).

“Our response to God’s promise is to be like that of Mary who asked God to do it unto her according to His word(Luke 1:38),” he stated.

Pastor Tawiah indicated that every child of God must have a word from God which is specific to him and stand on it irrespective of the challenges that may come his way.

The National Head encouraged believers to trust God based on the fact that God knows everything and for that matter their challenges; He is capable of doing what He says; He does not change and that He is not limited by time, space or circumstances.

To experience the supernatural power of God in one’s life, he stated: “One needs to believe in and rely on God’s promises(Hebrews 11:6;Mark 11:24; 9:23).The believer needs to pray fervently to receive what God has promised(James 5:16-18).Again, the believer must learn to appreciate what God has been doing in his life and develop an attitude of praising and worshipping Him even in difficult times.”

“A life of purity is also necessary to attract the presence of God inone’s life(Isaiah 59:1-2).The believer must also have patience until the fulfilment of God’s promise in his life.”

Attendance at the various centres of convention was very impressive. There was manifestation of the power of God resulting in deliverance of the oppressed.

Report Filed From National Office

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