Alajo District Ends Christmas Convention

Date: December 28, 2016

Christmas is the period that Christians across the globe celebrate the birth of Christ. It is the period of celebration of love, forgiveness, faith and hope in Christ. It is also the period where various denominations hold their conventions to commemorate the occasion.

It is in this regard that the Alajo District of The Church of Pentecost has held a 4-day Christmas Convention under the theme “Jesus Christ, the Horn of Our Salvation.”

The event took place from Thursday, 22nd to Sunday, 25th December, 2016, at Ayidiki Park, Alajo and the central auditorium respectively.

Speaking at the opening session, the District Minister, Pastor Peter Mensah Yanney, explained that vehicles have horn which is blown when approaching danger. “The purpose of the horn is to always keep safety on the road. So also, the horn of Jesus Christ which was blown brought salvation to mankind, because it has power to save that which is lost- Luke 19:10.

“Every good driver knows and reads road signs in order to avoid trouble with the police. The moment a driver loses focus and is not able to read and understand the road signs, he eventually ends up in trouble,” he stated.

Pastor Yanney said that after the fall of man, sin dwelled amongst men and the need for salvation became necessary, reason for which Jesus Christ came to die.

He noted that when Terah (father of Abraham) set out with his entire family to the land of Canaan, he stopped and settled at Haran, where he later died. He could not get to his destination, because he lost focus. (Genesis 11: 31-32)

His son Abram, however, continued the journey after God asked him to leave his family and people, and his obedience attracted blessings from God. (Genesis 12: 1-3)

Pastor Peter Mensah Yanney admonished members not to be afraid to move forward in life, because there are better things ahead. “No matter the problem or situation, there is always greater things ahead to take possession of,” he stated.

He therefore urged members never to give up on God or themselves, but forge ahead in faith and hope in Christ knowing that with God everything is possible and achievable. 

Report by: Gina Akua Padi

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