MEMORY VERSE:     So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up qll his own  possessions LUKE 14:33 (NASB)

One striking characteristic of overcomers is that they are fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. They are real disciplines. They have fully yielded themselves to the lord. Jesus is not only a Savior to them but LORD as well. They desire nothing but his perfect will in every aspect of their lives.

You know there is the permissive, the acceptable, the good and the perfect will in every sphere of their lives- whether in the choice of a life partner, or in their relationship at home as a family, in the work they do or where they work, in their finances and budgeting or in giving to the work of the lord, in serving the lord with all their hearts, or responding to the call of the ministry. In everything they are fully given over to Jesus.

 He is their Lord and they have made up their minds to steadfastly continue in his word, in faith, obedience and love.
 This is not to say that the believer should abandon his or her material possessions. It simply means he/she should turn over the control of all he/she has and all he/she ever be to Jesus Christ that He might be the sole controller and lord of his/ her life.
Then you will decide to continue steadfastly in his word.


Do l find it difficult to surrender my life to Jesus?


Take my life, Lord Jesus, and let it be totally yours. Amen