MEMORY VERSE: “So I hated life, because the work that is done under the sun was grievous to me. All of it is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.” (Eccl. 2:17-18). NIV.

Our previous lesson discussed vividly about the content of Solomon’s message and what it would be to the nominal Christian today.
He denounced his state of prosperity and condemned all sorts of extravagant living. The name he gives to such so-called prosperity that people cherish is this- vanity.

This implies that life must not be understood only in the context of daily bread, shelter and clothing but beyond these things there is life that exists in heaven which is better by far than what we value on this earth.
With this in mind, you would definitely desire to listen to alternative sermons on holiness, evangelism, faithfulness, repentance, commitment and many others, not focusing too much on the prosperity messages.

Dear reader, don’t run away from your church simply because these messages outlined above are preached there. They are rather beneficial enough to secure your soul in heaven.
God has many things in store for you so once you pursue diligent Christianity, He would not hesitate to add all other things needed. - VAD

           Do I consider the comfort of life of higher value than eternal comfort in the afterlife?

O God, in you I have seen Christ. Help me to focus on the things above.

It is wise to seek things that could give comfort to the soul.