For Reading: Genesis 24:15-25

MEMORY VERSE:  “So they called Rebekah and asked will you go with this man? I will go, she said” (Genesis 24:58)

In today’s passage, we read about a God fearing young lady. Whose sterling qualities caught the eye of Abraham’s manservant.
In the first place, the Bible says Rebekah was a very beautiful woman. Beauty is not a sin, being attractive is not evil. And as Christians, whether men or women, as we endeavor to nurture of our inner lives, we must not neglect our physical bodies. Neatness, good grooming, decently fashionable clothing all enhance our attractiveness to God and man.


Another quality was that Rebekah was a virgin. “no man had ever lain with her.” Contrary to cotemporary perception, virginity and chastity are still very desirable and fashionable among young people. Keeping one’s vessel pure until marriage, though very difficult in modern times, is still the Christian standard. Until Rebekah met her husband Isaac, she had not slept with a man. Can this be said about me?- FAH

•    Am I a good-looking person?
•    How am I handling my sexuality in my single state?

Dear Lord, help me to keep my vessel pure.

Virginity is still in vogue.