FOR READING: 1 Kings 17: 8-16

MEMORY VERSE: I Kings 17: 16
For the jar of flour was not used up and the jug of oil did not run dry in keeping with the Word of the LORD spoken by Elijah (NIV)
When the drought became more acute and the supply of water ceased, Elijah knew that his great God would preserve him, even though the brook dried up.

Elijah was again commanded by God to go to Zarephath and in confidence of faith he obeyed, assured that God’s Word would not fail. The prophet was constantly directed by God which in itself is another sign of the supernatural.

As he approached the gates of the city, he met the widow to whom he had been sent and asked her to bring him water to drink. But as she turned to meet the prophet’s request, he asked her for a morsel of bread which, because of the famine, was almost gone. She had just enough meal and oil for her last baking and thereafter expected death for herself and son.  

Elijah assured the widow that her meal and oil would not fail until the famine ceased and commanded her to first feed him out of her scanty store. As God had met the prophet’s need at the brook, Elijah could comfort the widow with the Word that God would provide her needs and his. So the widow gave her all, without asking where the next meal would come from. She found that in making God’s will her first concern, he made her need His first concern.

All necessary, food was supplied until the Lord sent rain upon the earth. Blessed by believing, she strengthened Elijah’s faith in God’s ability to fulfill His Word, when all seemed hopeless to human vision.               
Perhaps such a display of divine guardianship made the widow a true worshipper of Jehovah. VA

What lesson have I learnt from the widow’s attitude towards Elijah’s demand of water and food?

Eternal God, I thank You for the display of obedience by this widow. Grant me the grace to obey You in all things so that Your blessings will continue to flow upon me in Jesus name. Amen.

When we have accomplished our duties, God will take care of the results.