FOR READING: Romans 1:1-10

MEMORY VERSE: Paul a bond servant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated to the Gospel of God. – Romans 1:1

The word Bondservant is also translated “servant or” “Slave”. The word refers to an employee who was paid wages; often he/she had considerable skills and responsibilities and was usually treated well and protected by the law. A bondservant would not resign and work for another employer. In fact highly educated people as well as ordinary laborers were bondservants.

Faithfulness is one of the virtues that God looks out for in his servants. In whatever capacity that you serve the Lord, he is looking for your faithful service which is more pleasing to him.

Paul the Apostle dedicated his life, knowledge, skills, heart, soul and strength to serving the Lord faithfully.

The challenge today is that some people serve the Lord because of what they will get and not because they love the Lord and want to serve him whole heartedly.
What kind of servant are you? Are you a faithful one or unfaithful? What kind of mindset do you have in serving the Lord? The Lord has promised that he will reward all who serve him faithfully.  
  - GAA

    How faithful am I in God’s service?
    How can I serve the Lord better?

PRAYER: Grant me the discipline to be faithful to you Mighty God, so that I may honestly serve you wholeheartedly.
THOUGHT: Faithful service always pays