FOR READING: Revelation 5:1-8

MEMORY VERSE: Revelation 5:12

Worthy is the lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise (NIV)
Who owns the world? Ever since God’s right to his creation has been challenged by the forces of Satan and the fantasies of sinful men and women, our world has had a succession of dark and dreadful rules. The intellectuals- those wise in this world wisdom- would have us believe that only they have the capacity for dominance and rulership. Most of them seem miserable and unhappy.

Another group who insist they are capable of wielding world power are workers- those who toil for a living. Their slogan is “workers of the world arise“. But the workers power is no better than the moral level of workers; once in authority they can be both cruel and tyrannical.
Scientists think they are qualified to exercise power. But what do we see? On one hand we see learned men and women able to heal and save lives. On the other hand, we see men and women inventing new ways to destroy the greatest number of people in the shortest space of time.

The scientist have not demonstrated their power to bring good government to our world. The list can continue as we see soldiers and chains of human races trying to assert their superiority.

When Jesus Christ was on earth he warned his followers in plain language that wars and rumours of wars would continue right to the time of his return. God must still rule his world and Christ must still be the acclaimed King throughout the universe.


Am l aware that the coming of the lord Jesus can take place any time?


Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to live each day of my life with great expectation. Amen


Let danger drive you to Jesus.