FOR READING: Revelation 22:12-17

MEMORY VERSE: Revelation 22:12a    Behold, l am coming soon (NIV)

Revelation describes the age-ending heavenly and earthly events when our Lord and Savior is universally acknowledged to be king of kings and lord of lords. God’s Revelation leaves us with no doubt about that.

In our present period of time, however there is little recognition of God’s sovereignty or of his plan for his redeemed people. Go into the market place, into our popular religious circles, and you will find a growing tendency to make mankind large and to make God small. Human society is now taking it for granted that if God indeed exists, he has become our servant, meekly waiting upon us for our will.

But the amazing revelation- the final section of the holy scriptures- tells us plainly that no human being and no world government or power will have any control or any say in that fiery Day of Judgment yet to come upon the earth.

John’s vision of things to come tells us clearly and openly that at the appropriate time the direction and administration of this world will be taken away from men and women and placed in the hands of the only MAN who has the wisdom and power to rightly govern. That MAN is the eternal son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The fact is that God has always been God and he always will be God. He knows all about our human beginnings. He has had to consult with no one about anything. Jesus is the coming KING.


Do l spread the good news about the second coming of Christ to my unbelieving family and those around me?

 Thank you lord that soon you are coming to take over the affairs of men. Amen.


God’s timing is perfect- even in death.