For reading: 2 Corinthians 3

Memory Verse: You are our epistle written in our hearts, know and read by all men. 2 cor 3:2

People are affected by actions more than words. That is to say, words without actions amount to noise. We eagerly preach the gospel as Christians but do our lives tell it too? Those living around us, those we work with and play with, must see the transformation in us. That is the only way we can positively affect them.

If we live the same way the worldly folks live, we cannot transform because our preaching will then become noise to them. Darkness cannot overcome darkness but light can. Knowing therefore that we are being read by people, thus our actions make or unmake them, let us  be careful that we do not become a stumbling block to their salvation. Do you despise people, pick up quarrels, bear grudges, bear hatred and refuse to forgive those who wrong you? These are not the fruits of the spirit. Live the life of Christ so that those who ‘read’ you will come to know Christ by your life. Let your light so shine before men. M.O

For Meditation:
How many people have I brought to Christ by my lifestyle?
What is it about my life that does not depict Christ?

Prayer: Father in Jesus name I ask that you will teach me to live a life that will glorify  you and bring many into your kingdom.
Thought: A transformed life is the greatest preacher of the gospel